Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stats for the September quiz meet!

What a fun day of quizzing! I enjoyed seeing all the friendly competition that happened today! I would like to say we have seen a quiz we haven't seen before (or at least in a really long time), Piedmont Park's team "The Two Outside Teams" managed to get 300 points by question 13 in one of the quizzes. Three out of four quizzers quizzed out without error by question 13. The team finished with 330 when the fourth quizzer got a fourth person bonus on question 18.

Now, let's get to the Deltona Alliance's stats. I'm going to start out with the team stats. There were a total of 16 teams today.

"Batteries not Included" got 9th today and "The Roses among the Thorns" came in 11.

Now for individual stats:
Jacob Grybowski did really well today as he tied for third overall.

Next comes Bethany Shady who placed 17th today.

After her Michaela Brzozowski who took 21st.

Joey Troche wasn't able to get any correct or any wrong and ended up in 43rd.

Nathan shady wasn't able to get any correct but did try as he has come up with 2 errors, which is still good that he is trying at his first meet, that places him at 47th.

Samuel Alvarez didn't show up today leaving him at 49th.

Jordan Brzozowski didn't show up today leaving him at 53rd. 

I am really proud of the quizzers that showed up today and gave it their all and I'm sure the other coaches of Deltona Alliance Church will agree. They showed that they knew the material and that they are memorizing God's Word which is what really matters here.I couldn't be more proud of them. Everyone did their best and they did what they could and did amazing. Jacob did amazing, and he showed his knowledge of the Word. Bethany and Michaela did great as well and Nathan did his best as a rookie, and getting a jump at your first quiz isn't easy. Joey knew the material just didn't quite get his jumping figured out, which is understandable as we had fast jumpers today. All that to say, I must repeat myself. I am proud of EVERYONE who quizzed today.

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