Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stats for the October Quiz meet

It definitely was a great day in Lakeland this past Saturday. We had quite a good turn up as new quizzers, veteran quizzers, and graduated quizzers showed up in support of this event.

For our church every quizzer except for Michaela showed up.
Let's look at the individual stats for the meet:
Bethany Shady came in first in our church for the meet placing 12th.
After her is Jacob Grybowski who placed 29th.
After him Jordan Brzozowski placed 33rd.
Samuel Alvarez placed 36th.
Nathan Shady placed 38th.
Joey Troche placed  41st.

Now let's look at team stats for the meet:
The Roses among the Thorns took 10th for this meet.
Batteries Not Included came in 16th for the meet.

Now, the individual stats for the season so far:
Jacob Grybowski is still leading Deltona's teams at 11th place.
Up next is Bethany Shady who is currently in 17th place.
After her, Michaela Brzozowski comes in 22nd place.
After her, Jordan Brzozowski comes in 38th place.
After him comes Samuel Alvarez at 46th place.
After him comes Joey Troche at 51st place.
After him comes Nathan Shady at 56th place.

Now, the team stats for the season so far:
The Roses among the Thorns are currently in 11th place.
Batteries Not Included are following closely in 12th place.

It was a good Quiz meet and I look forward to seeing everyone improve this year!

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