Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stats for the October Quiz meet

It definitely was a great day in Lakeland this past Saturday. We had quite a good turn up as new quizzers, veteran quizzers, and graduated quizzers showed up in support of this event.

For our church every quizzer except for Michaela showed up.
Let's look at the individual stats for the meet:
Bethany Shady came in first in our church for the meet placing 12th.
After her is Jacob Grybowski who placed 29th.
After him Jordan Brzozowski placed 33rd.
Samuel Alvarez placed 36th.
Nathan Shady placed 38th.
Joey Troche placed  41st.

Now let's look at team stats for the meet:
The Roses among the Thorns took 10th for this meet.
Batteries Not Included came in 16th for the meet.

Now, the individual stats for the season so far:
Jacob Grybowski is still leading Deltona's teams at 11th place.
Up next is Bethany Shady who is currently in 17th place.
After her, Michaela Brzozowski comes in 22nd place.
After her, Jordan Brzozowski comes in 38th place.
After him comes Samuel Alvarez at 46th place.
After him comes Joey Troche at 51st place.
After him comes Nathan Shady at 56th place.

Now, the team stats for the season so far:
The Roses among the Thorns are currently in 11th place.
Batteries Not Included are following closely in 12th place.

It was a good Quiz meet and I look forward to seeing everyone improve this year!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stats for the September quiz meet!

What a fun day of quizzing! I enjoyed seeing all the friendly competition that happened today! I would like to say we have seen a quiz we haven't seen before (or at least in a really long time), Piedmont Park's team "The Two Outside Teams" managed to get 300 points by question 13 in one of the quizzes. Three out of four quizzers quizzed out without error by question 13. The team finished with 330 when the fourth quizzer got a fourth person bonus on question 18.

Now, let's get to the Deltona Alliance's stats. I'm going to start out with the team stats. There were a total of 16 teams today.

"Batteries not Included" got 9th today and "The Roses among the Thorns" came in 11.

Now for individual stats:
Jacob Grybowski did really well today as he tied for third overall.

Next comes Bethany Shady who placed 17th today.

After her Michaela Brzozowski who took 21st.

Joey Troche wasn't able to get any correct or any wrong and ended up in 43rd.

Nathan shady wasn't able to get any correct but did try as he has come up with 2 errors, which is still good that he is trying at his first meet, that places him at 47th.

Samuel Alvarez didn't show up today leaving him at 49th.

Jordan Brzozowski didn't show up today leaving him at 53rd. 

I am really proud of the quizzers that showed up today and gave it their all and I'm sure the other coaches of Deltona Alliance Church will agree. They showed that they knew the material and that they are memorizing God's Word which is what really matters here.I couldn't be more proud of them. Everyone did their best and they did what they could and did amazing. Jacob did amazing, and he showed his knowledge of the Word. Bethany and Michaela did great as well and Nathan did his best as a rookie, and getting a jump at your first quiz isn't easy. Joey knew the material just didn't quite get his jumping figured out, which is understandable as we had fast jumpers today. All that to say, I must repeat myself. I am proud of EVERYONE who quizzed today.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First quiz meet!

We are approaching our first quiz meet this Saturday, September 17. We are looking forward to seeing all the quizzers using all they have learned and studied in friendly competition. Below is the email we sent to the quizzers and their parents:

Hello Quizzers and Parents! We are pleased to announce that our very first quiz meet of the year is coming up this Saturday, the 17th. We will be having a set up and practice Friday at 6 PM. I know this may be hard for some people and some parents, so just come as soon as you may. We will be providing some food and drinks at the end of practice. We expect to be done sometime around 8.
    Saturday morning, we are asking that each quizzer be there at 8:30 at the latest. We do need some help with breakfast, as well as some help serving lunch, so if anyone is willing to help in the kitchen Saturday, please send a reply. We ask that each household brings one dessert and one breakfast item, enough to feed at least 12 people. Two desserts or two breakfast items is also great, however, we do need to know what each family is bringing. A reply to this E-mail (dacswordswallowers@yahoo.com) will be greatly appreciated.
    We expect to be done taking everything down about 2:30 0r 3. If everyone helps and takes down, especially in the kitchen we can expect to be done earlier. Quizzers, if you are not going to be there Friday, or at any time Saturday, please let me know so we can plan accordingly. Get lots of rest!
Timmy Rich, Joel Goode, Christian Jones, (Andy Rich)
Ephesians 6:17   Jeremiah 15:16
Deltona Alliance Church Bible Quizzing

Even though we asked the parents and quizzers for breakfast/dessert items, it would be appreciated if anyone who feels led to bring something to bring something.

We also ask that you support this ministry in the best way possible: Prayer. Pray that the quizzers remember what they studied, pray that they are storing the Word in their hearts for more than just a competition, and pray that everyone learns how truly great our God is.

Everyone who wishes to come and cheer on our quizzers are welcome! It's recommended you get there at around 9:30 or 10 AM if you wish to spectate. Quizzers, you are expected (as said in above letter) to be at the church by 8:30 AM and you MUST let one of us know if you can not make it.

Stats for our church will also be posted here when stats get posted on the quizzing districts site.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

First Practice!

Hello Quizzers!
August 7th is our first practice! Are you excited? I am. I hope you are planning on bringing your parents to this event. The practice starts at 3:30 PM in room E242. Come by say hello and check out what Bible Quizzing is all about! 

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other family member/friend, or even if you are just an individual who supports Bible Quizzing and want to keep up to date with the Quizzing team(s) and know how to pray for them, subscribe to this blog. This blog will post regularly to let you know the current news about the program and the team(s). Hope to see you there! Have fun and remember to stay in God's Word, regardless if you're a quizzer or not!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bible Quizzing update 07/13/2016


I hope you are looking forward to the 2016-17 quizzing year as much as I am. This year we will be focusing on the book of Luke. My name is Christian Jones, and I am one of the coaches for this year. Some of the other coaches are:


Timmy Rich
Timmy was a quizzer for seven years. He has been in the top five for five of those seven years. Timmy is 18 and has graduated High School.

Joel Goode
Joel was a quizzer for two years. He made a remarkable jump in his rookie year to 14th place individual. By his second year he got 2nd place individual. Joel got to go to Internationals where he placed 23rd individual. In his second year, Joel led his team to be #1 in the district. Joel has worked hard and long, and now wants to pass on his knowledge to the new era of quizzers.

Andrew Rich
Mr. Rich has served with the quizzing program for years. He is an elder at the church and still seeks the Lord in everything he does. He is always there to encourage the youth (both quizzers and non-quizzers) to get into the Word and memorize it to get an intimate knowledge of it.

Christian Jones
Christian was a quizzer for four years. He didn't score as high as Timmy and Joel did, but he was definitely still into the memorization and social aspects of quizzing. One of his biggest accomplishments as a quizzer was going from somewhere around 40th place in his rookie year to 11th place in his second year. He came in 13th in his third year, and 20th in his senior year, which is pretty impressive considering he originally wasn't going to quiz in his senior year.

What is quizzing?
What is quizzing you ask? Well, let me allow Joel Goode, our video specialist, tell you
Click here

When does it start?
The first day is August 7th. August 7th is a information meeting where we will discuss all the important details of quizzing. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend. Food will be provided. There will also be some mild practice on the benches as well.
The first practice is August 14th. This is the day where verses will start being required and where we will practice on the benches.