Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First quiz meet!

We are approaching our first quiz meet this Saturday, September 17. We are looking forward to seeing all the quizzers using all they have learned and studied in friendly competition. Below is the email we sent to the quizzers and their parents:

Hello Quizzers and Parents! We are pleased to announce that our very first quiz meet of the year is coming up this Saturday, the 17th. We will be having a set up and practice Friday at 6 PM. I know this may be hard for some people and some parents, so just come as soon as you may. We will be providing some food and drinks at the end of practice. We expect to be done sometime around 8.
    Saturday morning, we are asking that each quizzer be there at 8:30 at the latest. We do need some help with breakfast, as well as some help serving lunch, so if anyone is willing to help in the kitchen Saturday, please send a reply. We ask that each household brings one dessert and one breakfast item, enough to feed at least 12 people. Two desserts or two breakfast items is also great, however, we do need to know what each family is bringing. A reply to this E-mail ( will be greatly appreciated.
    We expect to be done taking everything down about 2:30 0r 3. If everyone helps and takes down, especially in the kitchen we can expect to be done earlier. Quizzers, if you are not going to be there Friday, or at any time Saturday, please let me know so we can plan accordingly. Get lots of rest!
Timmy Rich, Joel Goode, Christian Jones, (Andy Rich)
Ephesians 6:17   Jeremiah 15:16
Deltona Alliance Church Bible Quizzing

Even though we asked the parents and quizzers for breakfast/dessert items, it would be appreciated if anyone who feels led to bring something to bring something.

We also ask that you support this ministry in the best way possible: Prayer. Pray that the quizzers remember what they studied, pray that they are storing the Word in their hearts for more than just a competition, and pray that everyone learns how truly great our God is.

Everyone who wishes to come and cheer on our quizzers are welcome! It's recommended you get there at around 9:30 or 10 AM if you wish to spectate. Quizzers, you are expected (as said in above letter) to be at the church by 8:30 AM and you MUST let one of us know if you can not make it.

Stats for our church will also be posted here when stats get posted on the quizzing districts site.

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